O'Daniel Family Name History

O'Daniel Family Name History

The Irish surname O'Daniel is of patronymic origin, belonging to that category of surnames derived from the first name of the original bearer of the name. In this instance, the noted scholar MacLysght states that the surname O'Daniel is a varient form which can be found in Munster of the name O'Donnell. The main sept, one of the most famous in Irish history is chiefly associated with tirconnaill, now co. donegal, but as the present distribution of the name implies, there were quite distinct septs in other parts of the country. The most important include a branch of the Ui Maine in counties Galway and Roscommon and those of Corcabaskin in West Clare from which the O'Daniel are descended. However, all of these descended from some ancestor named Domhnall, in the name in Irish is O Domhnaill, denoting "the decendant of Domhnaill". Although the O'Daniel were originally concentrated in West Clare the name spread through adjacent county of Tipperary and can also be found in counties Waterford and Dublin. One Charles O'Daniel was a captain in King James II's Irish Army that followed him from France in 1690 and presumably fought against William of Orange at the battle of the Boyne. There is no record of the arrival of the first of the name to America, however, it is documented that Patrick and Catherine O'Daniel booked passage from Dublin to New York on board the "Coronet" in May 1851. BLAZON OF ARMS : Argent, two lions rampant supporting a dextor hand couped between three mullets. CREST : A bull passant proper. ORIGIN : Ireland

Notable O'Daniels in History

Three Star General John W. {Iron Mike} O'Daniel Comander of the third Division in WW II among other accomplishments {I still need more info to complete data} W.L. O'Daniel govenor of Texas in the 1930's

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